Of Fame and Shame – Nevada statistics on Sexually Transmitted Infections

Did you know that Nevada is the # 1 state in the USA for primary and secondary syphilis and #2 state in our nation for congenital syphilis that affects newborn babies?

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection that affects our bodies and brains and gets transmitted to our partners via sexual contact and our newborn babies via a transfer though the placenta.

According to Southern Nevada Health District, in 2020, Nevada saw 14,739 Chlamydia cases, 6,364 Gonorrhea cases, 737 Primary and Secondary Syphilis cases, 496 early Syphilis cases, and 46 Congenital Syphilis cases.

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About half of these cases are found in people less than 24 years of age- that is why education, prevention, screening, and treating are so important with the goal to decrease illness and disability.

According to Elizabeth Kessler, STD and Adult Viral Hepatitis Program Manager for the Office of Public Health Investigations and Epidemiology (OPHIE):

We can slow down the spread of STDs through routine testing, and normalizing talking about sexual health. STD testing and treatment are critical to avoiding serious complications.  Testing should be a normal part of our health maintenance to keep ourselves and our partners safe. We hope to empower Nevadans not to be afraid to go get tested and treated for STDs or talk to their partners about their sexual health.”

In our office at Woman To Woman Gynecology, we offer comprehensive testing via urine, blood and vaginal samples to find and treat such infections. If you have symptoms such as rashes, vaginal discharge, and vaginal smell you need an immediate investigation!

 If you are wondering the following:

Am I doing the right things to protect myself from getting STIs? • What test/s will I be having today and when will I get my results? • What should I do if I test positive for an STI? • What treatments are available to me?

Please call our office at 702-531-5400 for an appointment.  Treatments are offered immediately!

Results are available within a week of testing. Without testing and treatment, infections can spread and cause infertility, and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID).  In addition, emergency surgery may be needed as a life saving measure to avoid or treat a life-threatening blood infection called sepsis.

sexually transmitted infections syphilis

sexually transmitted infections syphilis